Charm Bracelets: What Are They?

Charm Bracelets are one of the most famous kind of Bracelets and the reason behind that huge popularity is the fabulous and the variety shapes and styles of those bracelets.

What are the Charm Bracelets?

What are charm bracelets

Those bracelets are worn around the wrist and considered as some kind of jewelry. Most people like to add special items that reflect personal memories or a personalized touch in them and those bracelets used as bracelets for men or bracelets for women.

The History of Charm Bracelets.

Charm Bracelets 19th Century Charm Bracelet

Nobody can tell exactly at which point of the human history was the beginning of wearing bracelets. But in the very old ages the human started to wear chains around the wrist made of the animals bones. Later they started to collect small stones to form a nice shaped bracelets.

In the Roman empire time, wearing bracelets was mostly for religious reasons. And It was like a green card when you pass to the forbidden or secret activities zones in Rome.

In later historical stage charm bracelets worn to express the knights and the people who belongs to the high-class society.

Charm Bracelets as We Know Today

Charm Bracelets - Popular Design

Wearing bracelets for decorative purposes started by the Queen Victoria. She changed the traditional purpose of bracelets to be used as fashion jewelries instead of the historical purpose of them. At this point bracelets started to have different styles and designs.

In the time of the second world war solders tended to create handmade bracelets to their lovers while they were in the field. Then they gave those bracelets to them, so they could keep thinking about those fighters while they are facing enemies.

Finally between 50’s and current date the industrial production of bracelets born. Pipe-lines and famous brands started to produce them in a massive way to cover the need of this important piece of accessories and at the same time to respond to the increasing demand of bracelets in the recent days.

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