Popular Five Bracelets Types

Bracelets these days become one of the most popular kind of jewelry for both men and women. With all the different bracelets types out their and with all the fashion brands producing them, it is good to know what are those different types?. Why do they become so popular?.

That is what we will cover in this post:

Bracelets Types and Meanings.

There are different bracelets types that have been so popular since ever in addition to some new types that have showed up in the recent years and took their position among the popular types. In the following lines you can check all of those types:

1.Charm Bracelets:

bracelets types - charm bracelets

Most popular kind is the charm bracelets because they produced with different designs and colors and contain many small pieces of jewelry with different shapes collected and connected with each other to form a glowing and beautiful bracelets.
Some of charm bracelets are created using personal items to add a personalized meaning or to remember somebody while wearing them.


bracelets types - bangles

Popular in specific countries like India, usually people wear multiple bangles at once. Bangles are generally produced in a closed circles shapes or in a shape of incomplete circles. They could be metal or wood and they could move all over the arm smoothly (not like charm bracelets).

3.Medical Bracelets:

Medical Bracelets

Those bracelets related to some believes and higher powers; so as their creators say, they could bring good luck and could help people avoiding bad events and evil souls. Also some of them could raise the body energy.
Even those are just claims and no evidence to prove them but still those kind of bracelets are so popular.

4.Sport Bracelets:

bracelets types - sport bracelets

NIKE Started this type of bracelets. Later, they begin to attract popular sport players like Olympics champions and famous Tennis players. The purpose was to send some messages about special human cases and help to raise the awareness about critical issues in our world.

5.Beaded Bracelets:

bracelets types - beaded bracelets

Not hard to recognize that type of bracelets they are kind of tiny balls connected by a string of metal.

Now you can choose the best for you when you search to buy a bracelet as a gift to your beloved ones or to yourself.

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